Class Priestess of Lolth

Class    : Priestess of Lolth
Class Group : Cleric
Alignment  : Chaotic Evil
Allowed Races: Drow-Elf
Ability Adj. : +3 Wisdom
Enchantments : None
Equipment  : Cleric Restrictions
Special   : [L1] Web of Healing, Command Undead, [L10] Dodge, 
        [L50] Whip Specialization, [L60] Second Attack, 
Description: Priests of Lolth gain their powers from the Demon Queen of Spiders, Lolth. These clerics are usually female, although there are rare male clerics. They wield great powers, and most do so in a manner in keeping with the cruel and capricious nature of Lolth herself. Priests of Lolth strive to act as Lolth wishes and to manipulate their fellow drow to do so too. The ultimate aim of every priest is to achieve and keep the favor of Lolth.

Priestess of Lolth Spells