Class    : Druid
Class Group : Cleric
Alignment  : Any Neutral
Allowed Races: Grey-Elf, Half-Elf, Human, Lizardman
Ability Adj. : +3 Wisom
Enchantments : Barkskin, Forest-Sneak
Equipment  : Cleric Restrictions
Special   : [L1] Nature Awareness, [L10] Dodge, Control Wildlife, 
        [L30] Staff Specialization, [L40] Hands of Nature, Shapechange, 
        [L60] Second Attack
Description: Druids are the protectors of nature and the embodiment of Neutrality. Druid spells are intended to strengthen, protect, and revitalize a party as a cleric, but his spells are more attuned to nature. The Druid is a versatile class, capable in combat and of casting divine spells. They work well as supportive characters, being both versatile primary spellcasters and capable fighters. Druids typically remain neutral on one or both alignment axis to reflect their belief in the balance of the natural world.

Druid Spells