Class    : Defender
Class Group : Fighter
Alignment  : Any non-Evil
Allowed Races: Dwarf
Ability Adj. : Unknown
Enchantments : Adamantium-Skin
Equipment  : Fighter Restrictions
Special   : [L5] Dodge, [L8] Doorbash, [L15] Axe Specialization, Second 
Attack, [L20] Shield Block, Defend Ground, [L30] Switch, Riposte, 
[L35] Third Attack, [L40] Axe Block, [L50] Defensive Stance, Defensive Awareness
Description: The defender is the pride of the dwarven army. Their defensive nature is unmatched by any other fighter. Years of training have perfected their ability to use not only the shield as a defensive weapon, but the axe as well. Rigorous combat has made them grow accustom to physical harm, turning their skin as tough as the minerals of the mines.

Defender Skills