Class    : Paladin
Class Group : Fighter
Alignment  : Lawful-Good
Allowed Races: Human
Ability Adj. : +3 Strength
Enchantments : Protection-From-Evil, Disease Immunity
Equipment  : Fighter Restrictions
Special: [L1] Lay on Hands, Detect Evil, Turn Undead, [L5] Parry, 
        Dodge, [L10] Charge, [L15] Second Attack, [L25] Kick, Elbow,
        [L30] Switch, [L35] Enhanced Damage, Holy Favor, [L40] Dual 
        Wield, Third Attack, Shield Block, [L49] Attract Mercenary, 

Description: The paladin is a noble and heroic warrior, the symbol of all that is pure in this world. Their compassion to pursue good, the will to uphold law, and the power to defeat evil - these are the three weapons of the paladin. Few have the purity and devotion that it takes to walk the paladin's path, but those few are rewarded with the power to protect. Divine power protects the paladin from evil and disease, wards off harm, and grants the ability to heal.

Paladin Special

  • Lay on Hands
  • Detect Evil
  • Turn Undead
  • Parry
  • Dodge
  • Charge
  • Second Attack
  • Kick
  • Elbow
  • Switch
  • Enhanced Damage
  • Holy Favor
  • Dual Wield
  • Third Attack
  • Shield Block
  • Attract Mercenary