Class    : Anti-Paladin
Class Group : Fighter
Alignment  : Any Evil
Allowed Races: Human
Ability Adj. : +3 Strength
Enchantments : Disease Immunity
Equipment  : Fighter Restrictions
Special   : [L1] Demonic Pact, Bloodlust, Command Undead, [L5] Dodge, 
        Parry, [L15] Second Attack, [L20] Disarm, [L25] Kick, 
        Dual Wield, [L30] Enhanced Damage, Switch, [L35] Elbow, 
        Third Attack, [L40] Shield Block, [L49] Attract Mercenary, 
        [L50] Poison Weapon, [L60] Improved Two-Weapon, Riposte

Description: An Anti-Paladin is the opposite of a Paladin, an evil fighter
who receives magical powers from binding pacts with fiends or evil gods. Most of the Anti-Paladin's abilities are reversals of the Paladin abilities.They are the black knights and bringers of death, destruction, and evil.

Anti-Paladin Spells