Arrant Destiny

Arrant Destiny is a mud based on the RPG from TSR. We have tried to weave the broad game into Arrant Destiny. If you are a player of Greyhawk then some of the areas will be familiar to you. For those that are not familiar, you will have an exciting time learning about the World of Greyhawk. When you play in Arrant Destiny, you join in the weaving of a tapestry of which you are a vital part. Role-playing is an important part of playing Arrant Destiny, it involves you playing your part to bring the story alive. It will be bigger than you are but you can become one of its great Heroes. That will be the essence of Arrant Destiny's Greyhawk's Mud history. It enfolds, informs and connects every part of the mud setting and all who play here of any length of time.

  • Game: Host: admud.comPort: 1999
  • Build:  Host: admud.comPort: 1996
  • Code:  Host: admud.comPort: 1990